Tourmaline Self-heating therapeutic magnetic belts

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For a long time suffer from lower back pain, neck complaints and or pains on the knees?
Do you want to quickly get rid of the annoying pain complaints?
You can now do something about it in a cheap and effective way.

The Adjustable Tourmaline Self-heating therapeutic magnetic belts help you to get rid of these stubborn complaints.
Experience the magic effect of these magnetic belts yourself.


1. Tourmaline magnetic belts are widely used to heat, support and heal the painful areas. They help in reducing stiffness, improving blood circulation.
    The magnetic therapy is also suitable for treating bone fractures
2. Tourmaline is widely known as an aid in relieving stress, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, strengthening the body's immune system and even increasing mental alertness. It also has a
    detoxifying effect on organs and body tissues.
3. Fasten the belts to the sore spots and you can just continue doing your daily things.
4. Use max 2 hours erverytime. If it feels rather too hot and it becomes intolerable, you take it off.
5. Also possible to use it 2 or 3 times a day.

Washing instructions:
1. Avoid washing with other laundry to prevent stains.
2. Advice: hand washing or dry cleaning. Do not wash in the washing machine or us in the dryer.
3. Do not wash in hot water above 60 degrees Celsius, otherwise the fiber structure may damage or cause other damage to the product.
4. Do not use detergent that contains bleach. It is recommended to use a mild and neutral detergent.
5. Do not use fabric softener, this can damage the fiber structure and cause damage to the product.
6. After the first wash, the color may change slightly.

1. Do not use in areas with a wound.
2. Do not use in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or something else.
3. If you develop a rash during use, you should immediately stop using the belts and consult your doctor.
4. Do not use while sleeping.
5. Before use the first time, clean the belts with a damp cloth.
6. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.

The set consists of:
1 x neck belt
1 x back belt
2 x knee belts

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Measures of the Waist:
S   :  60-76 CM
M  :  77-86 CM
L   :   87-96 CM
XL :   97-108 CM