Magic necklace Goddess Lakshmi

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Magic necklace Goddess Lakshmi
Shri Lakshmi, also called Mahalakshmi, is the Hindu goddess of light, wealth, happiness and abundance and also of beauty, courage, fertility and love.
She is considered the mother of the universe in Hinduism, and is worshiped during the annual festival of light Diwali.
In the West we know the angels. We call in their help if we find this necessary. But also in Hinduism these light beings exist that help people. Here one does not speak about angels but about gods.
There are many. Shri Lakshmi is regarded in Hinduism as the mother of the universe. She is the partner of Vishnu, the god of flowering and conservation.

The image
Shri Lakshmi is always shown with 4 arms. This indicates her activities in both the divine and earth world. These arms represent awareness, wisdom, spells and ego. In order from ego to consciousness.
Shri Lakshmi teaches us to use these four aspects to attract abundance.

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